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Airsoft Rifles

Airsoft rifles have a versatility and power that most other airsoft guns can’t compete with. They come in three types, spring action air rifles, electric, or gas powered guns all of which look like the real thing. No matter which type of gun you prefer we will have it in stock. From expensive models to those that are cheap to buy, but are still durable and reliable.

From their realistic looking shoulder stock to the magazines in which the airsoft bb’s are held, these rifles look realistic. Only the orange tip gives them away as fakes. Looking for more than just a rifle? We have an airsoft gun that comes with a mock silencer and a laser light so you’ll look like a professional marksman.

One advantage of an airsoft rifle is that many come with two settings, semi automatic and automatic. So you can either use one shot to hit your target or spray them with bb’s to make sure you get your kill. In effect your rifle becomes a machine gun.

If you’re looking to hit a target from a distance with accuracy, then consider checking out our airsoft sniper rifles. And check out our bargains for our changing specials.