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Airsoft Shotguns

For airsoft gun enthusiasts who prefer a shotgun, we have a number of models available for sale. These guns resemble the real thing including the use of pump action.

The airsoft shotguns we have for sale come equipped with either a magazine or clip that allows you to add multiple bbs. Some replicate a real shotgun completely by using shells that can have multiple bbs. Some come equipped with laser scopes so all the action doesn’t have to be up close. Shotguns are much cheaper than most airsoft guns and a good way to first experience the fun of the hobby. Once you’ve mastered a single shot gun you might want to move onto to a pistol or machine gun.

As with each gun we sell we stress that the user take the proper care when firing or being shot at. This means learning to properly handle your airsoft shotgun and wear protective goggles. Even though these guns are meant for recreation, they can still cause injury if improperly handled.