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Airsoft Sniper Rifles

If you’re looking to hit your opponents from a distance, an airsoft sniper rifle is the way to go. Our airsoft sniper rifles are highly accurate so you can conceal yourself away on a hill and hit your target before they even know your there. These airsoft guns look exactly like a real sniper rifle, including models that come with a folding stock in case you need to shoot from a confined location.

Most airsoft sniper rifles fire single shots, but can be loaded with 30 or more bbs so you don’t have to constantly reload.  When you order your gun, why not buy an extra magazine so you can load it quickly on the field.

We also have accessories for many of our sniper rifles including silencers, flashlights, and other items to add to your gun. We have cheap airsoft guns for those just starting out and more expensive models for those looking for something closer to the real thing. Our inventory changes often so check back with to find the latest airsoft sniper rifles, as well as those we have on special.