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CO2 & Gas Guns

We have both styles of Gas airsoft guns for sale, guns that use CO2 or models that use green gas. We also have electric guns and spring loaded. Which type of gun you prefer depends on how fast you want your bullets to be fired.

CO2 is a high pressured gas that comes in a canister. Green gas is a low pressure propellant that also comes in cans. The nozzle of the can is inserted into the gun’s magazine. You can also use a propane tank to fill your gun, provided you buy an adaptor for your tank and silicone to mix with it. We have these green grass adapters for sale.

Both types of gun can feature a blowback action that simulates the recoil of a real gun. This is why many people prefer gas guns over the other types of airsoft guns available for sale. We also have non blowback gas guns if you don’t want the recoil. We have a number of styles, from modern handguns to old fashioned revolvers, all with the required orange tip.

Because of the pressure of the CO2 gas you want to make sure your airsoft gun is durable enough to handle it. It’s one reason these types of guns are a little more expensive. The additional cost is worth it if you want to fire quickly at your opposition.