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1200mAh - 8.4V Airsoft Gun Battery - AGS-ERBAT12

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  • Model: AGS-ERBAT12

This 7-cell battery is for use with the R series AEG's and some other select models.  The 8.4V battery operates at a capacity of 1200mAh and should be stored in temperatures from 35° to 70°F for best results.  The NiMH cell chemistry performs better than the NiCd batteries and has less memory effect that lesser quality batteries have.  For best results, keep out of sunlight and heat.  Airsoft Gun Supply proudly recommends recycling expired batteries for protection of the environment.

Capacity:  1200mAh
Voltage:  8.4V
Plug Type:  Mini-Tamiya Female
Cell Size:  2/3A
Cell Chemistry:  NiMH
Number of Cells:  7