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Airsoft Safety


  • DO NOT use, expose, or show your Airsoft guns on public land or in plain public view.

  • DO NOT play Airsoft games on public property such as schools, parks, or playgrounds.

  • DO NOT play Airsoft games on private property WITHOUT the owner's permission.

When transporting your Airsoft be sure that it is completely concealed from public view and not readily identifiable as a weapon. In the event that you are confronted by law enforcement officers comply with all their requests.


It is imperitive to protect yourself and take all precautions to be safe when participating in Airsoft games.  Airsoft is less dangerous then paintball but Airsoft guns still have the potential to do damage to you if you are not careful. To prevent bodily harm while playing Airsoft games you should use goggles, long sleeve shirts, and gloves. 


You should always wear eye protection. Make sure that you are using high quality goggles that can withstand the impact of a plastic Airsoft BB at the FPS limit you will be playing with. This way you know for sure that they will be strong enough. Masks are even more protective than goggles so you should consider purchasing a mask. There are a wide variety of paintball and airsoft masks available so you should have not problem finding one. 


When preparing to play Airsoft you should plan on wearing a long sleeve shirt, full length pants, boots, and gloves. Although you wont be seriously hurt by getting hit by an Airsoft BB in these areas, it's still smart to cover as much of your skin as possible. Even a long sleeve cotton shirt can greatly reduce the chance of a nasty hit happening. Ideally you'll want to get a hold of old military fatigues or BDU's. These are ideal for use in Airsoft games. Gloves will protect hands and fingers from some unnecessary pain and padded gloves are the best. 


DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER BRANDISH AN Airsoft WEAPON IN A PUBLIC PLACE! DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO USE AN Airsoft WEAPON IN A THREATEN MANNER AS IF IT WERE A "REAL" WEAPON! It's already clearly stated in the US Law that if you use an Airsoft gun as if it were a real gun then you will be charged and tried as if it were actually a real gun! DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE POINT AN Airsoft GUN AT ANYONE WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESSED CONSENT!


There are inherent risks associated with the ownership, storage, use, handling, and discharging of any item that   launches a projectile through the air, including airguns, BB guns, Airsoft guns and any similar items. Guns that shoot blanks can also cause injury under certain circumstances. There may be other risks specific to the items which we sell. These risks vary considerably depending on the specific activity and the experience level of the participants, but they are beyond the control of the seller. These risks may include but are not limited to the possibility of property damage, injury, and/or death. There is also a risk of eye injury, and with some items, hearing damage. These consequences may be caused by gunshots, malfunctions of ammunition or equipment, ricochets, the movement of the gun itself or its parts, the storage and release of gases under pressure, other risks associated with athletic and outdoor activities, the possibility of someone mistaking an airgun or Airsoft gun for a firearm, or other causes. The consequences may be caused by the actions of the Customer, other persons, the location where the activities take place, or other factors.

Please understand that Airsoft Gun Supply sells certain merchandise but Airsoft Gun Supply is not responsible for providing insurance and will not be liable for any risks associated with the merchandise.